Customer Visit Management System (CVM)

Customer Visit Management System (CVM) is an innovative solution that handles the whole visit of your customers, even before they step into your branch, offering them a unique experience that far exceeds their expectations, in order to turn them into your loyal customers.

The system grants you full control over your branches, bringing great value to both you and your customers. CVM solution consists of a set of integrated sub-systems that work together to help you manage your customer visit at a lower cost, in less time, and turns your customers visit to an opportunity to increase revenues.

Depending on your need, you can start with a certain configuration and scale up the system to include more features and functions in the future. CVM solution includes various subsystems, including:

  • Mobile Booking
  • Customer identification
  • Queuing and routing
  • Omni channel marketing
  • Digital signage
  • Customer feedback
  • Business intelligence

CBS Kenya has implemented the system in NIC Bank's branches across the country.

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