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Circuit Business System Kenya Limited (CBS Kenya) is a business solutions provider with offices located in Nairobi, Mombasa and Rwanda. We are a solution hub for the entire information technology requirements software and of the modern organization. We concentrate in achieving implementation and after sales excellence as can be attested by our satisfied clients. We pride ourselves in world class user friendly products that are leaders in their respective areas. This has enabled us to provide our customers with up to the point business solutions for their various needs and give them an edge over competition.

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Automatic License Plate Reader

Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) captures high-resolution images of vehicle plates and “decodes“ the image into an alph-numeric ASCII data file that shows the country, state, region, county, municipality and …

Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection (AUVI)

The Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System (AUVIS) is the embedded solution for the fully automatic identification of foreign objects or modifications to a vehicle’s undercarriage. Vehicles drive over the dual-view …


See Who’s Inside…Before It’s Too Late DriverCam captures high resolution images of vehicle occupants and displays the image on the AUVIS Operator Terminal or a standalone Terminal. Security officers can …